New Development Marketing Case Study by Evolution Virtual

Condo/Hotel | Sector
Muscat, Oman| Location
St. Regis | Developer
Brahim Jaidah | Architect
Smallwood| Interior Designer

Evolution Virtual played a crucial role in the success of the St. Regis Al Mouj Muscat project, located in Muscat, Oman. Developed by Alfardan Group and designed by Brahim Jaidah Architects & Engineers and Smallwood, the luxurious condo and hotel project required a sales strategy that effectively communicated the high-end experience it had to offer. Evolution Virtual was able to provide this through our cutting-edge 3D rendering and animation technology, creating interactive and immersive experiences for potential residents. These efforts resulted in increased interest and expedited sales for the project. The developer, Alfardan Group, was able to achieve their business goals thanks to Evolution Virtual's support. Our technology and expertise proved to be irreplaceable in the success of the St. Regis Al Mouj Muscat project.

Services Rendered: Renderings, Sales Application, 360 of Building, Animated Zoom-ins

"Our partnership approach allows us to tailor our services to your specific needs, helping you reach your goals more quickly and effectively."

Enhance  your sales experience

Enhance your sales experience

Excite & Captivate With 3D Animations.

We bring your building to life and transport your clients into a world of your own creation with ourcinema level animations. Our use of UnrealEngine5™ allows us to bring the highest level of photorealistic graphics, real-time global illumination and dynamic camera movement to to your project.


The Most Immersive Selling Experience.

We've built the world's most advanced and captivating real estate visualization technology on the planet through our Immersion Theater™ and SAGE™ Application.


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