New Development Marketing Case Study by Evolution Virtual

Mixed-Use Condo| Sector
St. Petersburg, FL | Location
Red Apple Group | Developer
CELANO DESIGN STUDIO | Interior Designer
ARQUITECTONICA | Landscape Architect

Located in the heart of vibrant St. Petersburg, Florida and designed by leading firm, Arquitectonica, 400 Central will offer breathtaking views, elegant design, and a full suite of owner amenities. Currently in pre-development, our client’s goal was to maximize sales momentum prior to groundbreaking, and “Rise Above the Rest” of the tower’s competition.

Services Rendered: Renderings, Animations, Sales Application, 360 of Building, Animated Zoom-Ins, Isometric Kitchen Visualizer

"When branding and marketing a Luxury Real Estate project It's critical for our agency to work with a partner like Evolution Virtual. We want the brand to literally resonate from the inside out. It starts with the branding and creating a lifestyle that connects to locals, but the renderings and the narrative around the 360 videos are the icing on the cake that take the development to the next level and bring the project to life."
Richard Hughes Founder / CCO-of Clear PH Design Firm

Our partnership with 400 Central encompassed a comprehensive suite of sales and marketing tools, including HD renderings, dynamic animations, and a custom designed, interactive sales experience. By using the latest VR technology, we created a highly realistic virtual tour of the tower, allowing potential buyers to experience their future lifestyle and every detail of the building and residences. Buyers are also able to explore units, views, availability and more from anywhere in the world with our interactive building tool. This tool enables real time connectivity to Yardi and other listing services, as well as showcasing all assets of the building in a highly dynamic way. 

The realistic experience of exploring 400 Central offered buyers the opportunity to truly feel what it was like to be in their new home, look out at their beautiful, new view, and experience the project’s lifestyle. It is a story that is hardly told with words…and an experience that was highly successful for the building’s reservations.

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Enhance  your sales experience

Enhance your sales experience

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